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Time for the birds and bees

Becoming active again…

Amidst the flowers and trees

And pollen in the wind.

I understand the birds

But the bees are not direct….

A hive of female worker bees

Lugging pollen, I suspect.

The symbolism of honey

I’ll leave well enough alone…

Adults may think it rummy

If we expose it outside of the home!

Jelly and honey and candy

All have their uses…

To describe love-making,

But I’ll stay out of those nooses.

A roving eye is on alert high

As layers are gradually shed…

Although inside, a watchful eye

Is never really dead.

–Jonathan Caswell




Is there a thing as phantom pain

For one’s missing hair?

Feels like a spider walking around

Behind my left ear there!

I had my hair professionally done,

It cost a decent dime…

But it looks and smells so good

I’m glad I took the time.

Normally, I’ll buzz cut myself,

Without a mirror I need my wife….

To tell me where are tufts I have missed

Or be embarrassed by not looking right.

On the way out from the barbershop,

A woman honked and waved….

She called out “see you, Honey”, I thought

What a nice looking friend I had made!

But she was calling to her daughter

Who had driven away a moment before…

If her daughter was a pretty as she was,

I wouldn’t have minded seeing more.

I let her red car go past me

As I walked along the downtown…

The breeze felt good on my newly shorn head,

So I really let my hair down(?)!


–Jonathan Caswell