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Memorial Sunday came

And went with the parade…

Neighbors’ scheduling games

Sidesgtepped spiritual aid.

By the time I parked my car,

The Color Guard had moved off…

To give honor to the dead

While standing the graves upon.

Was saddened to not see

Our Pastor honoring the dead…

They’d asked him there to be

But he “had church”, he said.

So Praise Band practiced songs

While bugles and rifle shot…

Echoed across cemetery lawns

Without God’s blessing sought.

Used to be, not long ago,

The service and parade combined…

One would the other show

Consideration of a neighborly kind.

The Pastor, I think, was wrong

Not to set aside practice…

For a few praise songs

To show our church active!

Community give-and-take

Means Christians humble must give…

In to a common cause

Of the neighborhoods where we live.

–Jonathan Caswell