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“ARTIE”, black labrador,

You wonder why in church he is for?

Quiet dogs are news

Among church pews,

Now what is in store?

Pastor Tony had no Intro,

Was playing with the dog (said so)…

He found a verse

In Psalm universe,

“Entering His gates,” we go!

Tony has a new dog,

The “ARTIE: hitherto logged…

Rescued canine,

Sev’ral families chimed,

In parts of epilog.

Artie loves his new master much,

Sstill. training takes gentle touch…

Artie bites

When in his lights,

He feels a threatening touch.

Artie, toward his master new

Parallels us and Jesus Christ who…

Says, “Now you understand

“When you bite MY Hand,

Although you know that I-AM loves you!”

Tony said (with his dog nearby)

The dog reacted just as I…

He didn’t mean

The bite as It seemed,

But like me, God wants to cry!

–Jonathan Caswell