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Peanut butter on Swiss,

Whole grain bread–can’t miss–

Nutritious delight

Kept out of sight,

I’ll give you a bite for a kiss!

I know you can hardly speak,

We’ll be having this for a week…

Now don’t you fret

It’s not all we’ll “et”,

We’ve got hummus and roast beef!

–Jonathan Caswell



It sounds somehow mysterious,

‘Though really just ground up chickpeas…

Often prepared with garlic

A breath cloud with taste that will please.

Offered with other gastronomic

Spices and tasty delights….

Some find the strength of ingredients

Guaranteed to put out your lights!

Served with crackers or chips,

One scoops up the flavorful stuff…

Save for your partner a pine nut

For appetizer, this is enough!

–Jonathan Caswell