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(Philippians 4:8)

Whatever is true and noble,

Think upon these things…

finding yourself in trouble

Then put on positive wings.

Letting one’s heart sink deeper

Into the bog of despond…

Ignores a believer’s nature,

That aims toward God and His Son.

Deep in the jungles despairing

Or swallowed up by a great fish…

Your thinking must be settled

Salvation for you is Christ’s wish.

The blindness you and I suffer

Convinces us to give in…

To the Deceiver’s mutter,

While God is still within!

God lives in believers,

His Spirit never deceives…

He fashions for us a world view

Which in Him the believer achieves.

Sometimes we must make up our mind

No matter how we feel…

That God-in-Three-Persons loves us,

We choose His will revealed!

Despite how low or high we are,

By acting according to plan…

We gain the blessings of the Lord

As children of “I AM”.

–Jonathan Caswell



Three more days and I’m free,

From chajns that had hold of me…

God wiped out claims

On several games

I’ll bend my knee to Him, only!

The abyss in question: Ebay…

With regret forΒ the people betrayed…

Too easy to fall

And spend it all,

My God loves me though He’s dismayed.

For the sake of a good life tasted,

So much money’s been wasted…

Big debts unpaid

The addict laid

Himself and family debt-pasted.

–Jonathan Caswell