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(to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

Became a part of  family

By marriage, anyway,

Relations with her kinsfolk

Are cordial to this day…

She’s got a blended family

Divorces are rife,

But living with “what is”

We make the most of life!

My own folk have few divorces

But life at times is hard,

No matter what the money state

Or how big the back yard…

Accepting at face value

We walk among our friends,

Her family gets along

With in-laws for good ends!

She wanted to stay married–

That is my focus, too,

For seventy big ones

And then the “lease” renew…

Now life is full of characters

In her family,

I’m glad to be one of them…

On that we all agree!

I truly love my in-laws

And I know they love me too,

We’ve earned a mutual respect

To carry us through…

We’ll be there for each other

Till death do us part,

Our marriage is a covenant

And in-laws a special art!!!

–Jonathan Caswell