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BLESSED DAY….by Carl Gooch


Remember what we have heard,

The truth from God’s holy word…

Aligning our thoughts with it in all we do

And finding God’s blessings to be true.

In the beginning we heard His command,

But like babies we didn’t understand…

He came down from His throne above

That we may witness His mercy and love.

This is to remind that what God gives

Will never die but for eternity lives…

His blessed forgiveness and our salvation

Will out live mankind and all nations.

God’s great gifts He gave for us to share,

His love and mercy are beyond compare…

Let us remember as we go along our way,

This is God’s gift and it is a blessed day!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 June 2014




He moved across the waters

At Beginning of Creation…

Making a Way from that Day

For total Expiation.

Treading the head of the Serpent,

Who in turn bruises His heel…

In His blood our righteousness

Is revealed.

God makes sons from stones

With the gift of faith…

Believing the Word of God

Keeps a sick soul safe.

Healing from laying on of hands,

Passing on His Power…

Sons and Daughters of the Man

Are born this very hour.

Mystics and law-keepers strive

To challenge whom they may…

Both are parts of God’s own Love,

Neither will He betray.

Unity is hard to grasp

For fickle feeble minds…

Let the Lord ease the task,

To open up the blinds!


–Jonathan Caswell





Thinking about spam today,

We mostly throw it away…

Like a drainage trap

To catch the crap,

Is it anything worth the outlay?


Attention by bloggers seemed thwarted…

The commercial crowd

Was willing and loud,

At least we were in someone’s target!

I tried to sort out sometimes

The “spam” honestly inclined…

To comment on those

Who don’t thumb the nose,*

At decency refined.

“How to speak Australian” is had,

From a blogger whose English is bad(?)…

I don’t think so,

But they’ll gladly show

That maybe YOU are the cad!

I tried recently to sort

Out someone I thought was a sport…

In her very next post-it

She angrily roasted,

The poem which had had her enthusiastic support.

If we’re desperate for attention, they are there,

But it seems hard to let them share…

Posts misunderstood

That’ll do them no good,

Until they earn the finances to care.  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell

*”thumb the nose at”…an obscene gesture of disrespect or rebellion.