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No more of my loving glances,

Or infatuated romances…

But business-like

With her seems right,

It’s better than taking chances!



He’s very apt to become sweet,

For many women he’ll meet…

His natural bent

At times has meant,

His mouth full of wriggling feet!

Taken him years to learn

In truth he needn’t burn…

For handsome lasses

That he passes,

And no one responds in turn.

His the lonely quest

Attracted by face and breast…

Somewhat subsided

Impotence confided

To his wife, understanding the mess!

Looking less and slower burning,

Impassioned fidelity learning…

Business-like dealing

Instead of revealing

Commentary about yearning!

–Jonathan Caswell


Whenever there is the whim

At least once I’m stopping in…

She always is nice

Visiting more than twice

Just to look, I consider sin.

Too easy, I know– to get caught,

In infatuation too hot…

I’ve a long line

Of trysts of this kind,

Through such hard experience I’ve been taught!




(Yeeesss–a play on the movie title, “A Bridge Too Far”!)

He recently overheard talk

About the “other side”

Of a woman he had once adored…

For whom he’d have cheated or lied.

To him, she became a goddess,

Like a warrior princess of ould…

Infatuation-Lust with a capital “L”,

Fear kept him from being too bold.

This half-working man and the full-woman “she-wolf”

Saw each other most days…

Hook-line-and-sinker with loyalty

He ALWAYS found her praised.

She didn’t need another,

She kept a boyfriend on the side…

Had divorced a husband not MAN enough

To be so in her eyes.

She caught  on to his attachment

And the fevered fervor within…

The same personal details openly mentioned

Became daggers to plunge in.

Caught and completely sold out,

He staggered from his pain…

He knew that it would have to come—

This goading to force him into shame.

That full-bodied she-wolf and the half-working man

Both had their own loves to keep…

Yet still for years of recov’ry there-from,

For her memory he’d easily weep!

–Jonathan Caswell