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Not something he’d admit to saying,

His privacy betraying….

But folks might know

An infected toe

Ain’t the best way of gaining!

His leg was involved before,

The other leg for them keeping score….

Could no longer do

What he’s been through,

A Security job came to the fore.

Was stuck at an in-and-out gate,

A madhouse when shift change made haste…

Flashing I.D.’s

At double-time speed,

Where laborers egged on work mates.

He grew increasingly sad,

He never thought it would be this bad…

Walking’s a chore

And isn’t fun anymore,

He’d ignored all the warnings he’d had.

The toe–twice as wide–

With ugliness undescribed…

His wife helps wash and dress

The smelly mess,

Putrid-looking for what lurks inside.

He thought he’d bounce right back,

After a weekend flat on his back…

Getting enough sleep

Generally keeps

Him running on the right track.

Doctors say it’s long-term

Recovery, which makes him squirm…

Not able to stand

For very long on demand,

He doesn’t want being infirm.

He worries about work,

Walking rounds he’d rather not shirk…

It has been weeks

Since he felt in the peak

Of condition to do ALL his work!

He fears the great parallel,

Will his working find its death knell…

How long will guys

Face unpleasant surprise,

When he can’t do the job very well?

–Jonathan Caswell