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For years, other’s expectations

Colored my operations…

Electrical blocks

Of track (lots),

For two-train considerations.

Problem is–I

Don’t know many other guys…

Only one “club”*

Accepted me, bub,

Since then, how the years do fly!

How many trains can I RUN

The answer is just ONE!:

With a couple of places

As engine storage spaces,

I’ve over-built–that’s what I’ve done.

In staging, I can keep two or three,

Trains to appear frequently…

The chances of TWO

OPERATORS are few–

There’s room for only me!

For one big block the need is,

With lots of electrical feeders…

Keep It Simple for Success**

Prevents the mess,

I’ve gotten into other years.

I’m thinking of a place of yesteryear,

Where two New England railroads both appear…

The Boston and Maine

And the New Haven, the same,

Find interchange and switching dear.

Industrial railroads exist

Where private companies find it best…

Better profit when alone,

They their railroad own–

When profits drop, they get it off their chest.

Something like that is what I mean,

Or some very similar scheme…

A tourist line, too,

Helps the revenue

With industries that match my kind of dream.

–Jonathan Caswell

* only one “club”…the guys at the Tioga Transportation Museum…back in the early-to-mid 1980’s

** K.I.S.S. (one possible use of this nemonic)




I may have started my own little blog

But I still have a key to the door…

To OUR POETRY CORNER to occasionally post,

With my old friend, Ron DuBour.

It gets kinda lonely out here in the wilds

Of Mumford River lands…

Being chief, cook and bottle-washer isn’t always fun,

Until my audience expands.

I’m glad he allows me some interchange

From the “old blog” to the new…

If he didn’t allow me visitation with friends,

I don’t know what I would do!


—Jonathan Caswell