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This Common Room feels cold,

A bother growing old…

Little warmth within,

Wear a sweater then,

Growing icicles or mold!

Waiting for the Home Health Aide,

It’s the promised time and she’s late!…

What can I do

Because she too,

Has a lot on her plate!

My wife is hoping this hour

To get some shower power…

I sit in the cold

Trying to be bold,

With the happy welcome I’ll show her.

–Jonathan Caswell



Gradually changing to be

From caregiver to “care-for-me”…

Independence fails

As the subject flails,

Struggling for quality.

Working in nursing homes

Keeps folks from being alone…

One has to harden

Then, not pardon

The frequent unending drone.

Folks who can still be kind

In the face of that sort of grind…

Have my vote

As folks with a Coat

Of Arms—of a gentle mind!”

In Rehab, I took time

To relate to those inclined…

Demential cases

Haven’t solid bases

But deep memory refined.

Will I end up like them,

Both Mom and Dad feared it back then…

Would have been kinder

For Dad without reminder

Of all he’d lost…and when.

So we’ll take it day-by-say,

In fact there’s no other way…

To not worry

Or to curry

Pity by obnoxious display!

–Jonathan Caswell