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Prayer to Father,

Day-to-day walking with God…

Garden exercise!

Alive: Jesus Christ,

The perfect sacrifice Rose…

Of Sharon…He lives!

Broken bonds of slaves,

To the flesh allegiance gone…

Luke four: eighteen and nineteen!

Saul persecuted,

Jesus rerouted ardor…

Paul, His new servant!

–Jonathan Caswell




“I have loved you with everlasting love”*

So God said to His child…

No matter how far or wide you range,

I’ll be at your side all the while.

God says throughout the Bible,

He’ll pay to redeem Israel…

And any more then who are grafted in

Accepted by faith from the world.

The alien and the stranger

Need not be so in His camp…

He calls all near His voice to hear,

And in His service to tramp.

He gave His one and only Son

To pay with Blood for our sin…

Genesis to Revelation,

He continually invites us in!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Paraphrased quote (using primarily the King James Version and the New International Versions for reference).



WORLD VS. BIBLE…by Carl Gooch

World Vs. Bible


It amazes me how some people feel threatened by the bible. It makes one wonder why.

What’s the big deal? If they are doing nothing wrong why would they feel threatened? And if they do not believe the bible, what difference would it make?

You’d think they’d just let it go.

But maybe what is really bothering them is they don’t want to hear the truth. They are comfortable living a lie. Their lives are so in contrast with the truth that it grieves their soul to hear it.

I look around at this world and I see what it holds as valuable, what it promotes as good and right. It’s a world filled with sin, violence and hate.

So I guess I’m really not that surprised that the bible stirs up resistance. Because the world opposes the bible my faith is made even stronger.

I know what the bible says is real and it encourages me to stand firm. It even says that we will be persecuted for our walk with Christ. So I rejoice.

Satan is doing his best to kill, steal and destroy. He is deceiving many to seek worldly riches, lust and pleasures of the flesh. He is the father of lies his words tickle the ears of a selfish world.

We were created to love our Creator and love those God created. We don’t always love what they do. But we know our God is greater, stronger; His ways are higher than any other! My God is Healer, awesome in His Power!

In this sin filled world the only peace is in knowing Jesus Christ our Lord.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 December 2013



This Sunday’s church was Scarlet Fade,

Whose homecoming without parade…

Filled with joy

At their employ,

With the friends so made.

Coming home to loving ground,

Where God’s Presence did abound…

Brother Sam

Was the man

Who helped them God’s love expound!

Grandparents, fans,

Made special plans…

A cheering section formed,

The band’s spirit warmed

By enthusiastic clapping hands.

Two fans often stood,

For a cell phone movie good…

Excitement in their eyes

Was really no surprise,

Could see it in their faces and their mood.

Radiant love flowed,

Down onto all God moved…

Christ our King

Was everything

With grace and power viewed.

Hence to Fellowship Hall,

Where room was made for all…

Food and drink

And time to think

That our God doth enthrall.

Bid friends a fond adieu,

Some old and some very new…

‘Till we tread

As Jesus said,

To One Day be renewed!

–Jonathan Caswell

GOOD NEWS,by Carl Gooch

Good News
Have you heard the news?
It’s the Good News of Jesus.
It is the truth you can use;
It is His promise and love for us.
He stood in our place,
And suffered our punishment.
He who was full of grace
Was our sacrifice, our payment.
All of our sins He paid,
With His forgiveness and love.
So do not be afraid
You have a home in heaven above.
In those times of strife
When we are so weak and low,
He is the source of our life
He leads us in which way to go.
Always faithful, always there
This is the Good News for your heart.
You are held in His loving care,
And nothing on earth can tear that apart.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 March 2013




There comes a time in life,

Or several times in life…

When things go askew

If it happens to you,

Problems will cut like a knife.

Distracted away from belief,

Getting lost in the world, to be brief…

I need to retrain

Myself in His Name,

Back to my faith in my Chief.

Attendance  at  church has slipped,

In crisis, my wings have been clipped…

Not being with the Body

Affects one oddly,

As spiritual strength dips.

Others may have other faith,

For me, only Jesus is safe…

My Savior and King

Through Him everything,

Was created for God’s glory great.

So I’ll return to more Bible study,

To revive my vision so muddy…

Then health and well-being

I soon will be seeing,

When I’ve gotten close again to Christ, my Buddy!

—Jonathan Caswell

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