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(An opinion in a practical religious context)

Muslims Jews and Christians  agree,

It goes against sanity…

For “LGBTQ’s”

Both bathrooms to use,

With total impunity!

Guys don’t mind looking at a girl

Think she’s a man–what a thrill…

But “girls” made like guys

A boy often lies,m

Ro get hormonal toe curls!

Men and women don’t mix,

Anatomically betwixt…

Security most times

On women’s minds,

Secure and private functions are blitzed!

We believe humans basically evil,

This POLITICAL oppression’s the devil…

Giving predators free rein

And those who complain

Are chastised for being “evil”.

An opinion post, based on religious and experiential  fact.

Jonathan Caswell




(A Faith Statement)

The People–both Christians and Jews–

Follow the Bible (old news)…

Supposedly respected

Yet dissected

By other religious views.

Those who accept the whole,

Use faith to reach their goal…

Of course Man can look

And he’ll “mistook”

Passages he thinks are droll.

Instead of biting and sniping,

Christians and Jews find exciting…

Common ground

God’s people are found

As Jews…a prospect inviting.

Replacement theology,

Ignores God’s message clearly…

Saying Jews are the guys,

The apple of His eye–

To claim otherwise costs dearly!

Yes, Christian/ Muslim thought

Is often found fraught…

With trying to outdo

The law of the Jew,

Thinking God’s gifts are naturally bought.

Yet God’s words still stand,

Unfettered by conniving Man…

Who would put aside

What God doth provide,

Jesus the Jew is God’s man!

–Jonathan Caswell



Most redheaded friends have turned

Some other hair color, I’ve learned,

I think God is saying

It’s time to stop straying…

And get back into His Word.

Kicking against the goads, Paul said,

Which the Lord said to him when he sped…

To Damascus to seize

Saints, but fell on his knees,

Was blinded and fell nearly dead.

Paul started preaching anew,

From the Old Testament that God knew…

That Jesus was the One,

God’s very own Son,

And God offered it first to the Jew.

Now Paul didn’t emphasize hair color,

So why should I be the dullard…

It is for people’s souls

That my Lord Christ trolls,

Who am I to be concerned with how they’re colored?

—Jonathan Caswell