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If I were to build a train

Layout in my wife’s name…

The Adirondacks

Would supply facts,

So she’d have a familiar game.

Running the D&H,

North Creek Branch ┬áher favored page…

Sawmills and mines,

Hotels all kinds,

During her coming of age!

–Jonathan Caswell


Was in the family for years,

And each morning reappears…

The mountain “CRANE”

Once Allen domain,

The subject for many ears!

She takes a picture each time,

A porch or window remind…

That it’s still there

And reassured her lair,

Of birth and childhood is fine.

Born in this very house,

Her worst nightmares played out…

Until one age

When her tormentor’s rage

Refocused on other ways out.

Her house modified stands,

Receptive to generational demands…

Her recliner–me the couch–

Most times we come out,

With the present generation…will it end?

–Jonathan Caswell