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Making mistakes keyboarding,

You’d think them I am hoarding…

Alas no way–

They’re new every day,

My urbane writing destroying!

Misspellings are common enough,

Extraneous letters–that gets rough–

As to which finger

I’d rather not linger,

Just correct and publish the stuff~!

It started (?) with the occasional “g”,

Typing the letters around that key…

Now repeating letters

With the “g” are my fetters,

Don’t dim creativity.

My worst problem is the SHIFT,

I think it’s done and I missed…

Not capitalizing “God”

Is common but odd,

are my fingers having a tiff?

–Jonathan Caswell




Keyboarding is a challenge

For an older fingering feat…

Pressing ALT or CTRL unknowingly,

Hasten a blogger’s defeat.

Those fat flying fingers, notorious

They are for hitting wrong keys…

Don’t expect “Spell-check” to save you,

With words that may cut off your knees.

Oh, spell-check is great for sounds-alike,

And similar-meaning words…

Don’t automatically assume its choices are right

Or you may end up with funny-sounding verbs!

Unfortunate fingering takes time to screen

So edit your own adventures…

Please don’t come to me to bail you out,

I’ve got my own mistakes to cure!


–Jonathan Caswell




(“Yellow Rose of Texas”)*

Having tired fingers,

A blogger’s special trait,

A misplaced key in spelling

We can appreciate…

Those pesky hidden passwords

Fat fingers often botch,

Especially late at night

As if we’re drinking scotch!

Persnickety passwords—

How do we get along

With thinking up the new ones

To access what we’ve done…

A finger slip or poor mem’ry

Can put us in a jam,

The one who remembers all his

Really is THE MAN!

Those woman bloggers surely

Are like my Mother dear,

Who “keyboarded” professionally

Before keyboards were here!

She banged out frequent letters

On an old OLYMPIA,**

Her fingers deftly pushing keys–

It got in her blood!

I must be doing something right

For I go on and on,

Making quickie poetry

Until the break of dawn…

I really don’t talk much at home

But get on-line I spurt

Out reams of conversation

Until my fingers hurt!

I remember most passwords

Because they all are new,

I’ve lost track of a couple–

Forgot the key words, too!

I have two “Linked-In” ‘dentities,

Only one I can access…

I lost the link to the other

But they both work, I guess.

I’m rambling on while singing

A little out of tune,

It really is too early

For I got up way too soon…

I had to check the banking

And we’re finally in the black,

Got to get some serious work done

Before the red comes back.

I really have to end this

But my limbered fingers fly

Across the borrowed keyboard

Beneath a watchful eye…

I have to watch for spelling

And the fumbling finger fail,

If I don’t get the words just right

I’ll land in Spellcheck jail!

–Jonathan Caswell

* is the tune it is sung to…!

** Olympia manual typewriter (non-electric–using FINGER POWER!!!)



We have an old computer,

Not linked to the Net (it’s neutered)…

On which she plays “Spider”*

While I watch beside her,

In cards I don’t want to be tutored!

Anyone who has seen has agreed

That typing is easier to read…

Instead of my script

My wife often quipped,

So I type poetry out of need.

On this computer I will process

What will be edited less…

Ideas ripe,

Dreams ready to pipe:

Rhymed and rhythmed nobleness!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Spider is a computerized card game.



He had avoided seeing her,

It wasn’t all that hard…

His schedule changed a hundred times,

No time to stop for nard.

She appeared suddenly

While he was keyboarding….

Asked him how he was

And stood there smiling.

He was glad to answer

In a friendly way and share…

A posting that he had sent

Without the picture there.

He’s glad SHE made the move

In friendly repartee…

He really wants to behave himself’

To enjoy her company!

–Jonathan Caswell