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The coffee pot looks dead,

“I drank all the coffee,” he said…

Wrote poems a lot

Right on the spot,

Tonight I’ll sleep like the dead!

Just now a fine-figured red,

Named Karen came for a short stead…

Picking up a flash drive

Then back to the hive,

I wish she liked poetry read!

Been working on a large bacon pizza

Since noon to constantly eat some…

Two liter-sized

Soda comprised

My fluid supply to tweak some.

Writing and blogging all day,

Lots of time here for play…

Keeps mind in gear

But fingers I fear

May need a rest Sunday!

Stevie says that by eight-thirty

He’ll relieve me from my hurting…

Meanwhile I’ll strive

To be alert and alive,

Until to my rescue he’s hurtling.

–Jonathan Caswell