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We took what I thought worth taking,

A soup of my own making…

Boiled cabbage and ham

But no thank you Ma’am,

Just me and the wife were taking.

Competition was rather strong,

Lasagna and casserole gone…

What little we ate

I’d consolidate

And use for suppers till gone!

I had someone’s lemon meringue,

Almost too sweet–no tang–

Along with ice cream

(And lasagna again!),

Enough food for the whole gang!

My wife left her pink NORTH  CREEK hat,

I’m rescuing stuff like that…

Everyone knows

Keeping track of clothes

Is anything but old hat!

–Jonathan Caswell




She came to inquire

From all the way down a long hall,

Had anyone eaten garlic,

The strength of it wasn’t small…

I’d had lasagna for supper

And potato skins on the side,

Garlic bread wasn’t eaten…

Is that where the smell resides?

Out came the Tic-Tacs to

Sweeten the pronounced odor,

That hallway runs through two buildings–

A long distance, for sure…

The smell wasn’t unpleasant

For one who ate good stuff,

But sensing my presence from two blocks away

Sure is more than enough!

–Jonathan Caswell




My wife and I wanted a treat,

Something simple to cook and eat…

Instead of stir-fry

Decided to try

A new brand of lasagna with meat.

The stuff looked okay,

But she couldn’t finish her plate…

The spices bold

Of her senses took hold

And blew her taste buds away!

That brand, of which I’ll keep quiet,

Was a grease and garlic riot…

Too hot for her,

Disappointed  we were

Given that brand and the inferred quality of diet.

I’ve taken it to work with me,

With more sausage, sauce and cheese…

I seem to have allayed

The garlic overplayed,

But won’t buy any more of these!


–Jonathan Caswell