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Had a can of something to eat

Leftover from yesterday’s treat…

Prepared for a mess

Surprised me I guess,

This was less messy to eat!

Had Beef Ravioli instead

Of the stuff I had stuck in my head…

The memory is poor

I never am sure

Of which can I’m going to be fed.

With a peanut butter side,

Nutritionally I’ll abide…

Tomorrow’s payday

Then I won’t play

Pretending enough is inside!

–Jonathan Caswell




Our gf. shows a duck,

But geese are being stuck…

By stuff sprayed

The flocks to evade,

So fewer people step in the muck.

The same stuff as last year,

To keep sidewalks clear…

Wildlife control matters

When it comes to splatters.

Wild geese do not endear!


–Jonathan Caswell