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(An opinion about U.S. healthcare policy)


I thought we would be okay,

If the hardship hitting others stayed away…

But, no such luck,

We too, got stuck

In the national melee!

It was relatively easy to fix,

Being caught between and betwixt…

Left her on the phone

Getting back her own

Policy that had been nixed.

I grow angrier yet,

How more stupid can it get…

Our national leaders

Think we all are bleeders

For something they ignored to vet!

“Who cares if it don’t work,

“Use it anyway,” the chain jerked…

We’ve all got chain collars

And pay many dollars

For a coffeemaker that won’t perk.

We had a social worker advise

To cut all former ties…

That we HAD TO join in

The vast luny bin,

And then comes the big surprise.

I think we’ll be rectified,

Assuming no more have lied…

To keep what we’ve got,

What’s left in the pot

To pay our bills and survive.


–Jonathan Caswell