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He’s borrowed a WIFI hot spot,

More bucks than he has, like as not…

grateful to Steve

For the reality reprieve,

He’ll give it his very best shot!

-Not having poems prepared,

He’s rather up in the air…

right off the cuff

May not be enough,

But folks seem to like these so aired!

–Jonathan Caswell


Will Mrs. “C.” do cosplay?


Cosplay—the playing of parts,

Dressed-up  in costumes d’arts…

Resistance she claims

She’s in with the dames,

Who want Trump cut into parts!

Will she in her cosplay, dress,

As a female Che  Guevera, I guess…..

A camo “two piece”

Would shock at least,

Her lovely hair a mess.



He wears a surgical mask

To do a soldering task…

Window fan

Keeps air grand,

All you gotta do is ask!

There’s ALWAYS laundry to do,

Doing it all we rarely get through…

She washes–I hang–

Often the whole she-bang,

For Saturday, make up a stew.

When we can attend church,

And watch TV preachers research…

Bible teaching

Is the best preaching,

In the God-created universe!

–Jonathan Caswell


Little mouse in the bushes,

Lurking during rushes…

Of people

The mouse’s equals,

Whiskers and paws it b rushes!

Little mouse looks frightened

All the while being enlightened…

Crude calculations

Run-to-rise and elevations,

Skills for proper use–tightened!

Little mouse supervising

Replacement of beams–water rising…

Nests inside old clothes

Certainly exposed,

Mom mouse stays back…categorizing.

–Jonathan Caswell