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Before this chance to play,
He happened on picture display…
Got rid of some
Had no permission from,
The rest seemed very okay!

Mostly his file contains trains,
God, and a few fashion shots remain…
ALCO pictures
He often features,
But the RS-1 model of engine reigns!

Like all other illustration,
Permission precedes dissemination…
so only a few
Christian pictures accrue,
Avoiding recriminations!

–Jonathan Caswell


Poppy fields in which,

Dreamers barely twitch…

Lost in dreams

Writing reams

Of psychedelic kitsch.

Dreams lovely to view,

Redheads especially too…

Artfully posed

In ecstasy’s throes?

Exceedingly pleasant to view!

Red–a passionate color,

Hotly passed to the other…

Reflectively disposed

After their throes,

Will she become a mother?

–Jonathan Caswell


Make room in the messy house,

For the nesting of a mouse…

Not enough traps

To play him Taps,

She still hears him (the mouse).

Her corners and mine,

Must be cleaned out quick-time…

Not easy to do

(She’d save it all, too!)…

Maybe she’ll be resigned.

I did my corners first,

They helped out–it’s no worse—

Attacking HER castle

I expect a hassle,

In hassles we’re very well-versed!

–Jonathan Caswell


Columbus had men who slept

During days while the nights kept…

Watch at posts

For men or ghosts,

Watching over the inept.

This happens yet today

While office folks are away…

Security stands

As need demands,

Minding the store night and day!

Columbus Day I’ll work

Time -and-a half the only perk…

That, and quiet

You just can’t buy it,

We enjoy that with a smirk!



“FRONT-LINE”, a P.B.S. shew,

Biographed those two…

Hillary and Trump

Seeing how they’ve come,

Running for the Oval Room.

Kind of hard to believe

Both tend to self-deceive…

Faced with great hurt

And their actions were it,

Blaming someone else brings relief.

Hillary had a public hell

When bill didn’t treat her well..

Lewinski lies

He told, then surprised

By lying to her as well!

Trump seems to think “profitable”

His fortune’s unstoppable…

Little people hurts

As they lose their shirts,

Be considered by him…not possible.

–Jonathan Caswell

Opinions here are the author’s own—based on a recent  FRONT-LINE program, looking at the backgrounds of the two candidates.


One woman used oscillation,

Encouraging penetration…

What a kiss

He got from that Miss.,

A permanent situation?

Relations  long-distance,

Fight hard to keep the essence…

Visits few

Tend to skew,

Emotions toward separation!

Her kiss was something else,

But came time to fend for himself..

She couldn’t move

Any closer to soothe,

Reluctantly he pulled the plug…

(and wondered about it for ever after…)

–Jonathan Caswell


Using the occult to thump,

The up-and-coming Trump…

Don’t they realize

The other one sized,

Can also be smeared on her stump!

Commentators have noted,

Clinton/Obama devoted…

Against Christian thought,

Openly fought

For witchcraft and morals demoted.

Likewise this first Debate,

Discussions on the occult relate…

The date, twenty-six,

Two thirteens, risks

A spiritual darkness of hate.

Theologians and others agree,

This bodes ill for this country…

America’s brave–

Can it be saved?,

As it slides down eagerly?

–Jonathan Caswell


Back from balmy Michigan,

The rain they lived in starts again…

From the limousine

They were rather keen,

To dry off before journey’s end!

The guard invited them in,

To dry off , have a break and leave then…

both glad to arrive

were ushered inside,

Their company’s building AGAIN.

He drove off in the rain,

She had a ride coming twain…

Sheltered inside

She saw her ride,

‘Twas pleasant invited out of the rain!

–Jonathan Caswell


Gathered from their lairs,

Mostly in pairs…

The gathering

For harvesting

In these cooler airs!

Secret mysteries

How each sees…

Choose to stay

Or  fly away,

To distant properties.

When zombie hordes descend

Will each find a friend?…

Southern flight

may seem right,

As each swan might intend!

–Jonathan Caswell