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He drinks up the MOXIE mystique,

Without it he feels up a creek…

That gentian root

With caffeine to boot,

Gives a flavor unique!

It started in the State of Maine,

Now Lisbon has the Festival fame…

MOXIE ice cream,

A Mainiac’s dream,

With lots of sugar cane.

It sounds sort of ironic,

Started out as a nerve tonic..

Sodas of its day

Could float you away,

But none remained supersonic.

It moves okay local stores,

But nationally not any more…

A regional treat

MOXIE can’t be beat,

On the internet you can buy more!

–Jonathan Caswell

*”THE MOXIE MYSTIQUE” is also the title of a book written by the late Mr. Frank Potter, about the history and advertsing MOXIE used—including  “MOXIE-MOBILES”