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Ken and I were talking,

Along came Ron A. walking…

Listening in

How N Scale began,

While two “old heads” were talking!

The early days were rough,

American–very few stuff…

Some ran

To beat the band,

And some ran very rough!

Ken’s brother had N scale,

Imagining “New Haven” rails…

Choices he made

In what track was laid,

And I could join in on the tale.

My experience came to the fore,

Early N scale was a chore…

Limited lines

And imaginative minds,

Made what worked into more!

–Jonathan Caswell

GOOGLE IMAGES—A “Postage Stamp” train set seen on Ebay, similar to my first train set…about 1970-?  Sold by Minitrix…the little engine was a European styled 0-6-0-T steam engine that ran really good!!!  The train cars were of American design.  🙂