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Apartment housing now,

For Douglas Axe, stones made them proud…

Grinding blades

To great accolades,

Their blades won awards all around.

But the folks near grinding wheels,

Paid their own price for the deal…

Metal/stone breathed in

Brought grief to them,

“Grinders’ consumption was real!

–Jonathan Caswell





When my wife and I moved out

Into a roof o’er our heads…

That first winter was horrible–

Part time work kept us fed.

Along in January

We both answered a query

For Home Health Aides–

The pay made us merry!

In the Blackstone watershed,

We learned where it led…

Rode the old caanal,

Listening to what the Guide said.

I planned a canal on my layout

But that may not be…

I haave lock doors and canal boat

But it’s not done easily

Packed in too much already,

Including a mill warer wheel…

That’ll have an electric motor

Hidden to make it squeal!

I thought of blocking off space for the mill

The canal can be alongside…

Reminding us of when we moved

Here to eventually abide.

–Jonathan Caswell





He started with such great plans,

To build it satisfying demands…

For switching with meaning,

His interests gleaning

To build one attractive to fans.

Somewhere along the way,

His railroad found enough delay…

Not anticipated

It got complicated,

Procrastination held sway.

Once meant until he retires,

One hopes that he won’t expire…

Before the thing runs

Will he get off his buns,

To more than pink foam* track base admire?


–Jonathan Caswell

* Many lightweight model train layouts use pink or blue extruded foam as part of the base and/or rough scenic forms to cut weight…as compared to using wooden two-by-fours, screen and plaster.