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He’ll neer say directly

But he dreams of you…

Very introspective,

He dreams of you in blue!

Green velvet brings out your eyes,

Pencil skirts would be great….

If help is needed to find a size

He’d gladly participate.

Day dreams go only so far

Exciting although they be…

You are the height of his daydreams

Even if you he’ll never see!

–Jonathan Caswell



Realizations coming to light

May take a while to burn bright…

Not a matter of brains

But catching refrains,

That play on the mind in the night.

An attention-getting device

Promoting conquest and vice…

Say it’s not so:

Oh, what a blow,

To activity so nice!

He cultivates women to savor

By giving them some sort of favor…

Poetic verse

Is hardly the worst,

Employed by a fantasy slaver.

Longing to stay in touch

Has limited access so much…

Behavior unwise

Caused his demise,

And, frankly he’s been out of touch.

One or two contacts revived,

Though hopefully not short-lived…

Weakness exposed,

We hope that his toes

Avoid a path once contrived!

–Jonathan Caswell