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BLESSED DAY….by Carl Gooch


Remember what we have heard,

The truth from God’s holy word…

Aligning our thoughts with it in all we do

And finding God’s blessings to be true.

In the beginning we heard His command,

But like babies we didn’t understand…

He came down from His throne above

That we may witness His mercy and love.

This is to remind that what God gives

Will never die but for eternity lives…

His blessed forgiveness and our salvation

Will out live mankind and all nations.

God’s great gifts He gave for us to share,

His love and mercy are beyond compare…

Let us remember as we go along our way,

This is God’s gift and it is a blessed day!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 June 2014



With arms opened wide

You came to save me…

Love you did not hide

But freely gave to me.

Into this world you came

For a sinner such as I…

I was filled with sin’s stain

But for my sin you died.

You came into my night

Bringing love and mercy…

You made everything right

And gave new life to me!

With arms opened wide,

You came to save me…

Lord, you didn’t hide

But freely gave to me.

There is no way I can repay

What you did for me…

For all my sins’ price you paid,

Being nailed to that tree.

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 11 March 2014