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He took his proper insulin

And brought his sugar down,

They had less in the cupboard

So he became less round…

He kept his progress going

That all could see,

His confidence was growing:

He had some dignity!…

His confidence was growing

And he had dignity!

Somewhere after a week or two

His progress went awry,

He cheated once too often

And will power died…

He’s fought to get low sugars back,

Battles against himself

Depending much on the Lord

And His strength to help…

And he depends on the Lord

for the strength to help!

Continues the struggle–

There is no magic key–

He has to put his progress first

And not his vanity…

To better handle finances

And educate the soul,

He’ll find a lean progress scheme

That followed makes him whole…

Is there a lean progress scheme

That followed makes him whole?

–Jonathan Caswell

(A Parody of the tune….THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS)


A limit on night time munchies

And an extra insulin shot…

Ate just enough this morning

And a nap for two hours I got…

I  thought I felt real funny,

Weaker than I normally do–

Tested “seventy-four”

down through the floor

But not as high as I was…WHEW!




He’s gone and lost another toe,

Which lengthens his world of woe…

Sitting quite still

Takes much will,

There are things to be done, ya know!

Months of one foot elevated

Are extended by another amputated…

The older wound stitched,

No longer bewitched

By evening nurses anticipated.

(nurses coming only once-a-day now)

Determined to not fool around,

He wants to work again sound…

He’ll do what it takes

To avoid sugar cakes

And keep his blood sugar down!

–Jonathan Caswell