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LOVING WAY, by Carl Gooch

Loving Way
Almighty Father, creator of all,
You speak and mountains move.
I watch the sun rise and fall,
Each moment your love you prove.
From valleys to mountain tops,
Your wondrous beauty never stops.
From the seas to the grassy hills,
From every corner your glory fills.
You placed each star in heaven above,
You sent your Son with mercy and love.
You gather those who’re faithful and dear,
Strengthening them as the time draw near.
Your sacrifice made a covenant with me;
You bestowed mercy and set me free.
All heaven declares your righteousness,
And all who live with you are blessed.
Lord, God of love and mercy;
Guide me in everything I do and say.
May your word be a shield to me,
And may I live my life in your loving way.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 20 March 2015