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Miniaturized technology

Makes possible “cab ride” tours…

Of good model railroads

Compared with yours!

Observe the long main line

Listen to the rail click sounds…

Even certain comments from

The crew, mostly within bounds.

Sometimes folks are camera shy

At others…can’t get ’em out of the way…

Seeing people out-of-scale

Destroys the fantasy made!

–Jonathan Caswell




Not really, it’s been re-arranged,

Frustrated with it all the same…

He put in a junction

Two legs of which function,

The third’ll be staged before the game.

His model railroad rarely ran,

For him it was getting bland…

He had to rethink

How in a blink

Or two, it could be exciting again!

Among other things, his main line,

Had a switch that was hidden all the time…

With no way to see

If a train adequately

Cleared the switch when relined.*

He gave up his “lapped sidings”**

Bringing to the front glad tidings…

Doing the possible,

Lessening causable

Derailments by train tracks in hiding!

Went back to an “older” design,

With attached industrial line…

Only one run-a-round

Was enough for a sound

Arrangement that was worth his time.

If only he could draw the plan,

To show you his idea grand…

When he gave up the thought

Of semi-quasi-caught,

Realization of his flash in the pan.


–Jonathan Caswell

(A picture I hadn’t seen before of the narrow gauge system at the WHITIN MACHINE WORKS…the inspiration of the original plan, but done in standard gauge, modern times…with too many influences involved!!!!)


* a relined switch is when the track point rails are moved to their original position so trains can run in the normal direction, back and forth, through it.

** lapped sidings are two runarounds made by a track crossover in the middle of a much longer run-around siding…making it easier for a train locomotive to run around (switch ends of the train) a shorter train, than having to travel a long way wasting time and fuel, and tying up the entire long siding so other trains can’t use it.