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Christians die to the old self,

Beginning life anew…

What they were is repented of,

To take on god’s own view.

Taking on the mind of Christ

Old practices fall away…

What you were before is not

What you’re striving to become today.

“Gay” Christian…which will it be?

Do murderers put their sins first too…

Which will it be: gay or saved…

That answer is up to you.

Nobody says that if one is struggling

First one must get free…

We depend on His grace for our salvation

Not perfect Christianity!

Following Christ–He must be first

In thought and word and deed…

Putting Him first in your title

Shows that you’re humbly in need.

I’ve identified by denomination

And all of the tradition therein…

Then my eyes were opened a fresh way

That I must solely identify with Him.

Whom do you serve, is it gay rights or lesbian

People who struggle for their own rights…

Humble yourselves and regard the Saviour

Who will lead you to heavenly heights!

–Jonathan Caswell