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Learning English at work,

Is a valuable perk…

B. Cohen’s best

That I’ll attest,

Cutting through language murk.

Angry speaking is terse,

To keep it up is worse…

In your own car

You can go far,

As long as they reimburse!

Time zones invigorate,

Calling home so ┬álate…

Figure instead

When the kids go to bed,

A phone call they’ll appreciate!

A part of business connections

Involve taking directions…

Technician speak

Is not all to seek,

For life is of varied complexion.

English exceptions to the rules,

Keep us guessing word tools…

Gently tweak

The way you speak

We struggle even in the finest schools!

–Jonathan Caswell

E.S.L. IS the abbreviation for English (as a) Second Language training.