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When J. J. NISSEN folded,

My image of a bakery molded…

Its replacement too big

So I had to dig,

To see what research “beholded”.

My past is in two places–

It one ever traces–

The lines of “me”


For personal data chases!

Massachusetts, New York State,

My two major windows of fate…

Born here

But raised over there,

Memories in both are great.

One of my faves was Monks Bread,

A Trappist Monastery did…

And still does

The bread funds their cause,

Producing jams, jellies, plus all kinds of bread!

A model flat against the wall,

Leaves hardly space at all…

Have to use what I have

Of plastic walls saved,

Modeling a bakery et. al.

So I thought of TRAPPIST FOODS,

A catch-all title to use…

Producing bread

And conserves, I said,

Switching different train cars is a ball!

Specifically, flour and fruit,

Corn syrup and sugar to boot…

Isn’t enough?

They brand other stuff,

The question of a brewery—moot.

MONKS BREAD  from Western New York,

From that Trappist Abbey of course…

A college friend

Heading toward that end,

Found a wife and went in another!

–Jonathan Caswell


The best thing ’bout historic mills,

Is reworking them to cure social ills…

The Cotton Mill here

For elderly housing is dear,

Historic building repurposed…in Whitinsville!

–Jonathan Caswell

(in Massachusetts–Whitinsville is pronounced “whitens-ville”)


Lake Chachargagoggmanchaugagoggchabungagunggamaug,**

Otherwise called Webster Lake,

Cost too much for a preacher’s family

But “Bad-Luck Pond” we could take.

We’d take our towels and wash up

In morning mist and cool water…

Hardly anyone ever was there–

Buildings beginning to totter!

I once got out quite a way,

Just laying back to float…

Came in to hear of a water snake–

That really got my goat.

Another name for Bad Luck Pond,

Was “Laurel Lake”…

Laurel bushes all around

Beautifully scented, so hard to forsake!

But like near everywhere else

The vandals came to call…

Graffiti, junk in the water,

One couldn’t soak at all!

We put in indoor plumbing,

Morning walks became memories…

If we drive by we try to spy

Laurel among the trees.

–Jonathan Caswell

**Did I spell it correctly???




EDAVILLE’S Festival of Lights,

A marvelous show of delights…

At (www.) edaville.com

For information,

Runs till January first, day and nights!

They also run out of Hopedale,**

Massachusetts, a treat to regale…

The Polar Express

To Santa’s address,

I believe tickets are now on sale!

–Jonathan Caswell

** for the Polar Express, out of Hopedale, Massachusetts, SEE:

http://www.edaville.com/polar-express-hopedale-ma .

(Image from facebook.com)



FM Ninety-ty-one-point thre,

Radio for the community*…

Needs new blood,

Broadcaxsters who would

Be willing for almost free.

A programmer’s license had

Or can be trained (which isn’t that bad)..

Community informed–

The radio seat warmed–

Opportunity here can be had!

That WCUW call line

Used to be a Clark University  find..

Independent the station went

The community to represent,

It’s continued all this time!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Clark University…once a project of.  The authored volunteered–worked with a programmer–for 7 or so years.  The station serves the City of Worcester, MA, U.S.A.

THE STATION PHONE IS: (U.S.A.) 508-753-2284…if interested !



For those not in the Commonwealth

Of Massachusetts today…

April 20th we run  Bosoton Marathon

And for Patriots shout “HOORAY!”

In not just Massachusetts

But Wisconson and Maine, to date,

The Battle at Lexington-Concord

Is what we commemorate.

Florida also encourages this,

Though not a public day…

I am surprised but ever so pleased

Other states lean this way.

The “shot heard around the world.” said some

And start of a Revolution…

The vision not held by all

But ‘came the final solution..

Each year, third Monday in April,

Remember 1775…

When Pastors and church members

Chose libery over life.

Two minor scirmishes reckoned

The start of an American war…

Colonists shooting behind trees

Which redcoats bravely bore.

True scirmish lines formed and fell

On a couple village greens….

To baffled English subjects,

Proved Americans found means.

To take grievances seriously,

Not to be put upon…

In some ways in this country

The fight rages on!

–Jonathan Caswell

(My thanks to Wikipedia, for help with this)




A rainy night in Douglas

Mist coming off the snow,

See the off-white piles shrinking

Till the whole lot will go…

It’s spotting up the windows

With ev’ry direction change,

Unfrozen ground will turn to mud

As it does every age!

OH…the aquifer is filling

From all this winter snow,

All the private wells are thrilling

‘Cause this summer won’t be low…

I think the mighty Mumford

Might just overflow its banks,

For the rain and snow this winter

We ought to offer thanks!

–Jonathan Caswell

** By the way…try singing this, to “THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS”!!!