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There are problems ogling wives,

Others may take yours a prize…

Husbands may upset

Your running bet,

Making you pay with your lives!

Be careful–don’t get attached–

To women already matched…

It may turn true

They’ll be fond of you,

But likely prefer their own catch!

As he thinks so he is,*

His thoughts and business are his…

Would he like his wife

Be chased for life,

And made to share who is his?

–Jonathan Caswell

*Proverbs 23: 7

Matthew 5: 27-28


He never had a black book,

Little or other to look…

For phone numbers

For intimate slumbers,

He didn’t have that kind of hook!

As a TV preacher taught,

The guy saw he was caught…

Viewing cataloged

Lingerie jogged

His conscience to what he ought not…!

Watching real ones–okay–

Not drooling for lingerie…

The problem with it,

If his wife doesn’t fit,

Then his attention is drawn away!

Not all he knows agree,

Men do things naturally…

but for him

It became sin–

He wants to live righteously!

–Jonathan Caswell

(It was actually this week’s THE BLESSED LIFE, with Robert Morris being referenced)

See also Matthew 5: 27-28.



Love poetry’s not for me

And I’ll tell you why…

Because tend toward personal things’

A lot of my friends would die!

Rememb’ring times with a sweet young thing,

Is becoming harder to do…

‘Twas after college when romance got going,

An awful rough time to get through.

Only one or two (-?) I dare to ogle,

Beyond my wife I scan…

The favorite  wore a pantsuit

Some times don’t work out as planned.

I frankly shy away from love scenes,

Don’t want to think that way…

Longing for other than what I found

Will accept what WAS today!

What would I do but envision others,

More exciting in form…and bed…?

Better to not fantasize in sinning*

And burn out my wiring, be dead?

–Jonathan Caswell

*See Matthew 5: 27-28 as referenced.



Women don’t need any schooling

In men frequently drooling….

Over the bust

And other things I trust,

Privately these things viewing.

Challenging enough is love real,

Pornography this attention can steal…

A perfect set-up

For not growing up,

Expecting the red-hot deal.

Those of us who “cannot”

Still find ourselves in a spot…

Fantasy too

Is sin through-and-through,**

Forgiven but with self-control shot.

Gonna “lick” this thing—and how—

Each man of us stay at the plow…

In our mind’s battle ground

God’s word must abound,

And forgive ourselves when pulled under by the tow.

“If only the women…”,GUYS!!!!

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for our eyes…

Berkas imposing

Our minds’ unclothing

Goes on in ways unwise!

–Jonathan Caswell

** Fantasy too…   even lust in thought alone…Matthew 5: 27-28