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In the midst of what has been,

Do I dare explain man’s ken?

That he is not

Always hot to trot,

But often cools down his yen?

In long-term situations,

Familiarity lessens stimulation…

After a while

He may still smile,

But it’s not as warm an orchestration.

That’s why many marrieds yearn change,

In their marital relation exchange…

The same thing grows old

And starts to feel cold,

Although willingly home on the range.

He never had sisters at home,

But at work the same women roam…

And over time

He is less inclined

To take any one of them home.

And even if he would, he cannot,

Unless he loses the job he’s got…

Feelings tend to fade

Since he wants to be paid,

He accepts the conditions of his lot!


–Jonathan Caswell