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The Day of Pentecost, fifty days …
The Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension held on the seventh Sunday after Easter.  (Easter + 49 days)
It is said the church was born that day;
The Holy Spirit came and truth revealed.
We were called make disciples of the way;
The power of God’s love won’t be concealed.
A sound of wind from heaven did arrive,
Its resounding roar flooded the place.
Tongues of fire brought the church alive,
And to this day reveals mercy and grace.
A holy fire that brought the church alive,
Did set early Christian heart to yearning.
Down through the ages the church strives;
The Holy Spirit keeping God’s fire burning.
I ask do we still hear the Spirit’s wind.
And are our hearts really still yearning?
Or do we ignore our most trusted friend?
In our hearts is the holy fire still burning?
Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 May 2017

MERCY GAVE…by Carl A. Gooch


Lord lead me night and day,

Keep me firmly in Your way…

Wrap me in Your loving care–

I am safe when you are there!

Be my teacher as from my youth,

Let me never stray from Your truth…

I will not perish from the sifting sand

As long as You hold my hand!

My Lord and Saviour in calm and strife

Death cannot claim me for You are life…

No dark sins upon my garments stain

As I walk within Christ’s righteous reign.

Oh Lord, open my mouth in praise,

Let me reflect Your love all my days…

Use me Lord from cradle to grave–

Grace You showed when mercy You gave!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 February 2014



This year is a funny Christmas
And he does not mean “ha-ha”…
Emotionally it’s been rocky,
With the surfacing of flaws.

He found illuminated
Mixed motives deep within…
Not always desirous to rid himself,
Of promptings to sin.

Prepared best he could for the Christ Child,
But found himself landing short…
Of feeling that grateful devotion
For being allowed in God’s court.

He can’t go just on feeling,
As many of his actions still are…
Like the Magi in the Story
He has to follow the Star.

Unlike New Year’s Resolutions,
In Christ, he starts new every day…
Applying spiritual solutions
‘Though oft-times he gets in the way.

He depends on his Lord’s mercy
To keep his repentance list short…
Confession, repentance as needed,
Reduces his soul being sport!

—Jonathan Caswell