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How mighty is a sprite,

Enough to do things right…

And influence

The confluence,

Of a people to see her light!

Bearing a sword not in vain,

Defending mythological acclaim…

Her breastplate

Protects against a fate

Of being crushed by an unbeliever’s disdain!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Google Image of Mumford River  in Sutton, MA)


My Dad, with a twinkle in eye,

Taught me this anthem to try…

From Douglas High School

Sounds like students fooled,

With the words, we need not know why!

“Hail, hail to Douglas High,

Where the mighty Mumford flows…

You know that you are near it

If you have to hold your nose!”

Because of reader confusion,

I’ll insert this happy conclusion…

Dad’s High School queries

Were in the Thirties,

When mills used rivers as solutions.

Putting this in “current” context,

Most mills turned apartment complex…

The Mumford was cleaned

And water life teemed,

The few mills now use sewage techs.!

NOTE: It doesn’t say much for the condition of the river after a half-a-dozen textile mills got through with it…and it still had to get through Northbridge and Uxbridge, with ALL THOSE mills!

(image from Google, at ebay.com, of the falls under Cook St,. in Douglas, MA)