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Mike arose early today,

for a meet of A.A….*

To describe

Destination took time,

I needed pointing the right way!

Villages in that town,

Literally surround…

All sorts of names

While the mills have changed—

Some have been knocked down!

He forgot the exact name,

And so we played the game…

Known landmarks

Encompassing arcs,

Not always thinking the same.

Then he “came in” another way,

And light flooded in–HOORAY!

It was good–

His meet in Linwood–

To which he drove away!

–Jonathan Caswell;

*A.A. is Alcoholics Anonymous.  Mike is over 35 years sober.



*(Not to be confused with the popular Pennsylvania Dutch area attraction of the same name!)


There used to be cans and bottles

Along the road to town….

But with that five-cent** deposit,

That trash is nearly gone!

Just past the revived woolen mill

On either side of the road….

Were gaggles of geese looking for eats,

Whatever plant life wasn’t mowed.

They never mow near the shoulder

The gravel hurts the blades…

So wildlife forage for their kind of porridge

While drivers carefully gauge.

The younger ones stayed close

To the curbing where it was more safe…

I’m sure their parents had taught them

To avoid dashing out to tempt fate.

I’d seen this gaggle before

Enjoying the mill building grounds…

I’m a little anxious to see them outside

Its protection on foraging rounds.


–Jonathan Caswell

**In Massachusetts and other American states,  a certain deposit is paid at time of purchase to encourage the return and recycling of certain beverage bottles and cans….in this state, currently for containers of carbonated beverages (soda, tonic water, sparkling juice) and wine or beer (alcoholic, or near-alcoholic).  I believe this also extends to liquor containers.   Some states, like Maine and California, also have this arrangement for noncarbonated juice bottles (glass or plastic) and cans.