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(Poet is desperate to write something…that is!)

Esther Ling I miss

Her fight against male-run worlds…

Wonder how she is?


Holly’s poetry

Passionate feelings a-fire

But just a poem!


I miss other blogs

Memory tends to down-bog

Following thousands!


Making love seems slim

Getting some back just his whim

Many obstacles


Youth passes him by

Dreams he of being able

As old as you feel?


Loving goes right on

Lighting the lamp with God’s love

The light on a hill


–Jonathan Caswell




One gets used to seeing a name,

And reblogging posts from the same…

Until the day

They go away,

And you’re left behind–what a shame!

Everyone has the chance to upgrade,

It’s a decision that many have made…

But harder to share

With someone not there,

But walking in another promenade.

To me, to reblog is a compliment,

Helping share their story onward sent…

But some go commercial

And resent any inertial

Toward sharing without paying a single cent.

And others “better” platforms have found,

To be lifted further toward high ground…

Causing all left behind

To be happy for their kind,

But sad that themselves can’t be similarly bound.

Following over a thousand posters now,

I shouldn’t let the few furrow my brow…

But I feel the loss

Of friends’ need to cross

That line where they alone want to plough!

Will I ever follow in the breach,

My fellow bloggers with larger fields to reach…

I do wish I could share

Automatically out there,

I think I’d have to set up shop in each!

(Maybe Ron DuBour will know how!)


–Jonathan Caswell





Deep in the gut missing friends,

The kind you’d like to keep…

They went elsewhere to make their mark

While occasionally you weep.

Strong feelings from your past

Arise from time-to-time…

Emotions triggered we know not how

Without reason or rhyme.

Whatever the reason we choke up

With emotions deep and strong…

Our dearest wish unanswered,

Because of a “so-long”.


–Jonathan Caswell