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He saw it there on the ground,

Not moving, not making a sound…

It was rather grey,

It’s legs out-splayed

In a sad place to be taken down.

It had legs, tail and a shell,

For a dead thing it seemed preserved well…

“Did I, in parking

And disembarking

Last night, cause this poor creature ill?”

He got out of his car in grief,

Thinking himself sinner-in-chief…

Pushed it with his toe,

From this angle you know

It really was just a leaf.


–Jonathan Caswell





Is there a thing as phantom pain

For one’s missing hair?

Feels like a spider walking around

Behind my left ear there!

I had my hair professionally done,

It cost a decent dime…

But it looks and smells so good

I’m glad I took the time.

Normally, I’ll buzz cut myself,

Without a mirror I need my wife….

To tell me where are tufts I have missed

Or be embarrassed by not looking right.

On the way out from the barbershop,

A woman honked and waved….

She called out “see you, Honey”, I thought

What a nice looking friend I had made!

But she was calling to her daughter

Who had driven away a moment before…

If her daughter was a pretty as she was,

I wouldn’t have minded seeing more.

I let her red car go past me

As I walked along the downtown…

The breeze felt good on my newly shorn head,

So I really let my hair down(?)!


–Jonathan Caswell