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I’d written some poetry shared,

That countered the message prepared…

God’s Spirit negated

By the  X-rated

Was not what I wanted aired!

Two sisters in the Lord took me,

To task verbally…

For language offending

Their love extending–

They do like my poetry!

They said I’d a special gift,

The Most High God  to lift…

Words sometimes do

Get away from you,

Which needs more conscientious sift.

–Jonathan Caswell



Feeling pressure from without and within,

Really hard to manufacture a grin…

It’s unpopular to dwell

On one’s personal hell,

Thinking you’re in the rejection bin!

I hear my Mother’s mixed message,

Putting me through formal dressage…

Valued but not

Worth a lot,

Decisions always needing correctives.

I don’t often say what I want,

Giving way to another, détente…

Even when inconvenient

I’m mostly lenient,

Rather like the idiot savant.

A passive-agressive am I,

Content to let matters fly…

As for the blame

It’ll be their name

While I claim I did try!

–Jonathan Caswell