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He’s been thinking within,

What to do about sin…

Confess and repent,

In humility rent,

Does the wounded need restitution from him?

Situations like this it’s best,

And wiser to just let it rest…

Taking a picture

Of a woman with a mixture

Of motives produced this unrest.

Best to leave it alone,

Or offer it if a good one…

Otherwise, keep quiet,

Why incite riot

An a lawyer to sue what’s been done?

–Jonathan Caswell


In the Slough of Despond,*

He had to carry on…


In his realm he

Had to make good his respond!

It seems he alone,

Keeps his wife from a nursing home…

Medical too

Help him through,

But today he nearly was done!

Mice in mounting clutter,

Eviction is possibly suffered…

Not the first

Time they were cursed,

By piles of stuff discovered!

His health downturns,

While a living he earns…

How long can he drive

Staying alive,

Giving it up is what he yearns!

His new C-PAP has less

Air pressure so he must adjust…

Harder to sleep

Or fall fast and deep,

It’s tempting to make a big fuss.

Things working out slow,

Maybe guilt for something down low…

Wrangled a photo shot

Did he need it–perhaps not–

But for it his conscience feels low.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Slough of Despond..a place of extreme discouragement as portrayed in the allegory written by John Bunyan…entitled  PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.




At her orthopaedic doctor’s,

When entering it shocked her…

He was selling shoes

While he refused

To get some for her, as was proper!

One leg of her’s is longer,

Her case is looking stronger…

For medical neglect

And she suspects

His motives seem all the “wronger”.


–Jonathan Caswell