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It is a common thing

To wrap oneself in pride…

Missing a message presented,

By casting common sense aside!

A railroad modeller I admire

Had shown just what to do…

I would have caught what transpired,

If I had read things through.

Feeders and jumpers mean little

To the general public’s mind…

But for model trains it means a lot,

How could I be so blind?

A simple result:  his DCC,

While mine is DC cab…

I thought using jumpers between tracks

As he did, wouldn’t be bad.

I re-read the article again and again

And finally occurred to me…

I needed FEEDERS to power MY track,

No wonder my power was weak.

So David, if you are list’ning,

I tried to do the right thing…

I have to rework my own mistakes

And remember to READ EVERYTHING!


–Jonathan Caswell

PLEASE NOTE:  For anyone who wishes an excellent article on wiring model train layouts–assuming you read everything carefully—see a part of David Popp’s “Step by Step” Series, MODEL RAILROADER MAGAZINE, especially in the June, 2005 issue, pp. 36-40.   He uses Digital Command Control to power his layout, and makes that clear that that wiring is different than for Direct Current cab control.  More info. available at www.modelrailroader.com.