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According to ‘WALK IN THE WORD”.

Miriam was most disturbed…

By Moses’ new marriage

That she disparaged,

Before getting to her deepest hurt.

In the original language used,

The female form was used…

Spoke a woman


Who felt most abused!

Said God–come here you three–

I’ll tell who is closest to Me…

Moses most humble

But ’bout Me you grumble,

Miriam’s tagged leprosy.

Seven days outside the camp,

Moses kept her from the damp…

Changed attitude

When God’s way viewed,

Healed–she came back, no cramp!

More recently, one fell to grumbling

Under his breath–not humbling–

What will God do

The dense to break through,

Or allow in his way some stumbling?

Grumbling under the breath,

In the Desert…was kiss of death…

But for God’s mercy

Miriam cutseyed,

And came back in perfect health!

–Jonathan Caswell

“WALK IN THE WORD”…a radio program on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, weekdays.



(2nd Corinthians 3:1-4:6)

Moses couldn’t show

The folks his facial glow…


With Divinity

Is not life’s normal flow.

He had to use a veil

Over face or people’d sail…

Away in fright

From the Light

And the introspection entailed.

Whenever Moses is read,

Oft-times understanding is dead…

Christians too

Have minds unglued

When God tries to move their heads!

Unlike Moses’ outward glow,

Our’s is inside, don’t you know…

When the Spirit prevails

We remove our veils

And go where God’s Spirit goes.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Glowing Moses is a phrase from the book, TRANSFORMING PRAYER…How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face…by Daniel Henderson, Chapter 5;  2001, Bethany House.


Endures Forever
We tell and retell what God has done for us;
That on His faithfulness we will always trust.
As Moses said, “I will sing to the Lord viciously;
For He has thrown horse and rider into the sea.”
Moses was reminding us God is always faithful;
He loves those whose hearts are true and humble.
We know our Lord is our strength and our song,
He is now and forever our salvation from all wrong.
He was the God of my father and I will respect him;
He is my God, who with my heart, now I praise Him.
Pharaoh’s chariots were cast into the Red sea;
Now because of the Lord my foes tremble before me.
I give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
For His steadfast love endures forever.
In my heart, O Lord, may you dwell forever;
May your sanctuary part from me never,
My Lord God and King reign forever and ever.
Remember He is the same God
that split the Red Sea in two,
His steadfast love for us endures forever;
And He let Israel pass through as on dry land,
His steadfast love for us endures forever.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 April 2013