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Roe vs, Wade this year,

With nary a mention or tear…

Pagan presses

Ignoring messes

That they, in part, steered.

Only folks who care

Assert forgiveness is near…

Abortions done

Still have One

Who cleanses the inner fear.

When Christ comes in the air

Taking us home, also there…

Aborted souls waiting

And anticipating

Forgiving that fatal tear.*

Healing comes to within

Acknowledging confessing sin…

Take advantage of

Redeeming Love,

Don’t let the uncaring man win.

–Jonathan Caswell

* the fatal tear(-ing away of life)…forgiveness of the momma who aborted her child, BY THE CHILD SO ABORTED, is an idea expressed by this week’s TV broadcasts of THE GOSPEL TRUTH program with Andrew Womack–which included an interview with a woman who was the survivor of an attempted abortion by her mother.  See http://www.awmi.net.