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(Opinion…with humor, I hope!)

You want to see “higher than thou,”

Nonbelievers are your choice…

Trying to tell them anything

They think it obnoxious foist.

Evidence doesn’t mean a thing

Unless it’s on their terms…

If you’re not a “Carl Sagan”

They say, “Oh go eat worms!”

It’s true we are oft judgmental,

Mostly about ourselves…

Loving the love of God ain’t easy

With works religion still on  shelves.

None of us are perfect,

In short, neither are you…

If antagonism is what you expect

Then that’s the tea that will brew!

Are we really sanctimonious?

Look in the mirror and see…

If you can bring the walls down some,

You can chose to talk with me!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell