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At Christmas a number of us,

Don’t have much family fuss…

They’re too far away

Or communication’s belayed,

In coming together we trust.

Hopefully I won’t work,

But will if my buddy’s Dad’s hurt…

Just me and thee

Rejoice happily,

Praising God which art and wert!

Christmas evening/morning at church,

Blessings by Christ’s birth…

Good to attend

This year we intend,

If at all possible give Him berth.

–Jonathan Caswell



A good friend, Zia and I,

Have situations that ry…

Family care

Oft up in thwe air,

Needing time to get by.

We chose to help each other,

He has both father and mother…

Then on weekends

A sister spends

Time so he can work as he’d druther.

He’s encouraged me with my wife,

Whom I’ll take care of for life…

When one needs time

We work it out fine,

Keeping our boss from strife.

For him, I’m covering where

A half-shift that we share…

More work for me

But he is free

To give full attention elseqwhere.

–Jonathan Caswell