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Today my first return session

Since my toes were lopped off (I should mention)

The lady assigned

And I will do fine,

No danger of romantic connection!

I had to give my background,

Childhood and why we’re around…

Here for duration

Of our situation,

And where I expect sessions be bound.

She brought out my issues of anger,

Lethargy and languor…

Not taking care

Of myself or facial hair,

(But no recent suicidal anger).

All kinds of papers came first,

In a lot of potential legality immersed…

Initial and sign

Certain rights outlined,

All content was well-versed.

After my session was through,

Itr’ll be not one week but two…

Next Friday the Fourth

Of July, thus forth,

That Friday is off—Red, White and Blue!!

–Jonathan Caswell