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In a sweet little rural community,

Newcomers have moved in…

Old alliances have broken up

As new relations begin.

I heard there was quite a row

In a meeting held just last week…

The old stalwarts are out of favor now

Without a paddle–up a creek.

I’m rather glad I’m off on the side,

Both camps contain my friends…

I’ll listen as I can and offer support–

The Management has peculiar ends.


–Jonathan Caswell

(No residents or managers were hurt…or named…nor locations given, in the writing of this poem.)






If in one point I shirk from the battle,

My whole witness hears the death rattle…

One link of tank tread

Can stop me dead,

In the eyes of the world, I’m addled.

My friends and I don’t agree

On all parts of eternity…

Things we both like

Draw both in spite,

Of differences in certainty.

I don’t want to be offensive or cruel,

Likewise they want peace to rule…

But if I misrepresent Bible

I’m morally libel,

And no more than a doddering fool.

God requires change inside the heart,

The only way for new life to impart…

God’s love to others

By His druthers,

By externals it’s just a false start!

I believe you must come to Christ,

Accepting His one sacrifice…

As payment for sin

That we all are in,

Obedience to God will suffice.

The salvation from the price of sin is free,

But one must grow in all three…

Body, mind, spirit,

To obey God’s Spirit

And with His words agree.


–Jonathan Caswell

* Developed from a broadcast of NO COMPROMISE RADIO…See http://nocompromiseradio.com/blog/ for “Don Green Interview for WVNE”…heard on air, Friday, 1/17/14, 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm…760 AM, (Worcester, MA).





Oh, bloggers in your comfort zones,

You do not have to cry….

Whatever it is worth to you

This is not a goodbye!

For I’ll be working on the morrow,

With time to blog thereby….

I hope that I might find you here

For this is not goodbye!

Just one more verse and then I’ll end

To not over-tax my friends….

You need not bring that tear to eye,

Tomorrow I’ll come back around the bend!


–Jonathan Caswell





My friends, they never would,

‘Though sometimes I feel they should…

Call me “gimp”

Because I limp,

And sometime don’t walk very good.

I get most of my exercise

At work but realize…

Outside I must train

Myself to maintain

Leg muscle tone (“I tries”).

There’s “always” been something wrong,

A curve in my back so long…

I’ve nearly forgotten

The times I was trotting,

Without a hitch being gone.

When I’m tired I am frustrated

By a limp exacerbated…

I pray I could walk

With no risk of gawk,

By observers as I’ve ambulated!

Starting out on a round stinks,

Partway through I can work out the kinks…

Hobbling less

Is improvement, I guess,

Bolstered by a couple warm drinks.*

Each day is faced step-by-step,

With a minimum of time for prep…

You do what you can

Whether man or woman,

And whatever results–accept.


–Jonathan Caswell

*”warm drinks”—nonalcoholic…remember, I’m a diabetic!!!