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By your mighty hand you lifted me,

Your power my enemies did see…

For your loving blessing in all you do

With my last breath I will praise you.

You alone are my God and my King,

I know you are with me in everything:

In weakness when illness seized me

I called on you and you set me free,

You paid the price my soul to save

And rose again, a new life you gave…

I’ll sing your praises–I’ll never quit–

You spared me from that evil pit.

In your mercy I rest day and night,

That I may praise you in your holy light…

Wrapped in the warmth of your grace,

I rejoice in the piece of your holy place.

The storms will come and winds blow

But I’ll not be shaken in what I know:

The Lord my God has shown mercy to me

And my life now will a living witness be.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 June 2014