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PIPPIN, a play on Broadway,

A musical, had much to say…

About wanting life

Beyond house and wife,

The ultimaye thrill foray!

In the end he chooses not death,

A deadly stunt for last breath…

Is left on bare stage,

Two kids, wife, arrayed

In skivvies…all he has left.

In a small way, I understand,

It’s exciting in faerie lands…

My train layout

Once worked out,

Concedes to real demands.

I can’t extend that-away,

To the floor it is a long way…

Gotta choose carefully

The right industries,

The right combination for “play”.

Embarrassed by sudden wealth,

I am beside myself…

At most maybe two

Or three engines do

With the rest staged upon a shelf!

As for my life, it’s grand,

Subject to the Lord’s command…

His love falls like dew

Every day is brand new,

Even PIPPIN would see mine as grand.

–Jonathan Caswell